The Best Tools For Building Apps

To build apps these days, you do not need to be a professional programmer with years of expertise in coding and computer language. With app development tools, you can create a quality app for iOS, Android, or Windows in just no time. We bring you a list of top app development tools to use to build your App.

1. Xamarin

This app development tool is commonly used in building native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows, and it uses business logic layers and data access.

The key features of Xamarin are

It allows communication with the API of mobile devices.

It produces fewer bugs

It allows for deep linking and application indexing.

2. PhoneGap

This app development tool can be used to develop apps that can be supported on any mobile device, using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. However, PhoneGap requires a different approach for each OS. For Android, it uses Eclipse, while for mac it requires Xcode.

3. NativeScript

This open-source mobile app development tool is used for developing native apps for native mobile devices using JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular, using just a single code base.

4. Appcelerator

As the name suggests, this app development tool speeds up your app development by enabling you to build your App using very few codes. This tool can be used for building apps for Android, iOS, Windows, as well as HTML5 applications that support browsing. Built on open-standards and granting the user full access to the mobile OS, Appcelerator improves the speed of mobile app development and gives higher cloud capacity limits.

5. Swift

This app development tool is for creating specifically iOS apps. It has a lot of features with which you can create custom iPhone apps with a very easy and user-friendly approach.

6. Mobinecube

With Mobinecube, you can build any mobile App for business, entertainment, health, educational purposes, amongst others. This tool for building apps helps to integrate advanced functionality within your App, and also allows for updates for online content.

7. AppMakr

With this app development tool, you can create your browser-based iOS apps easily and within a short time. Although the apps built will only support iOS, AppMakr itself can work on iOS, Android, and Windows. Embedded in this App, development tools are push notification features, JavaScript, location, and custom CSS.

8. iBuild App

If you need a good easy-to-use tool for building complex apps, then the iBuild App is your best choice. This tool makes use of predefined templates for creating both Android and iOS apps, and because of its predefined templates, you need not be a tech-guy to use this app building tool.


This app development tool is specifically for designing the GUI of your App. uses the same technology like PhoneGap, and it has the merit of enabling users to create beautiful GUI for even advanced apps by merely clicking on items and dragging them wherever you desire. For simple apps, you could make use of the basic version of Aperry.

10. RunRev

With this app development tool, you can create any Android and iOS app using lines written in English. RunRev comes with tutorials to guide you while building the App, and any app developed with this tool can support both Android and iOS