The Future of Gaming

If there is any sector of technology that has really grown then it has to be gaming. This is a sector that has evolved and become better with time. It is a sector worth millions of dollars. From this growth it can be wise to conclude that gaming has a great future ahead of it. With secondary screens and virtual reality things are getting big.

1. Immersive Gaming: The Return of Virtual Reality (VR)

Some of you may be surprised to know that 3D films have existed since about a century ago. The technology just didn’t really didn’t take flight since then due to high costs. It is not until in the recent years that we’ve experienced the revival of 3D technology not only in films like Avatar, but also for gaming screens.

2. Secondary Screens for Gaming

With the booming market for handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, the console war between the three major brands (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) has intensified, with a rush to invent a secondary gaming device for players.

Wii U

Consider the newly released Wii U GamePad, which features a built-in touchscreen that can serve as a supplement to games. In first-person shooter games, a second screen lets you access the map or your inventory seamlessly without leaving the game field. What you can do with a secondary screen is not limited to that, it adds to the gaming experience which is demonstrated wonderfully in this ZombiU gameplay trailer out for an inside view (Warning: the video contains gore and violence).

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It is not only the kinds of games played that will evolve even those who buy those games for their kids will change. A generation that grew up playing games now has kids and they will speak up when necessary. At the same times gamers will enjoy a 360 degree gaming experience.

1. Parents as gaming advocates

During her talk about the gaming habits of modern teenagers, Alison York, research director at Nickelodeon, talked about how we’re now seeing the first generation of parents who grew up playing games themselves and are passing that passion and knowledge on to their children. Through a recent survey of UK families, the channel found that 75% of parents they surveyed now play video games with their children, and that children aged 10 or under take most of their gaming recommendations from their parents.

2.360 degrees of freedom

According to Nickelodeon’s research, 34% of children under 11 have a tablet, and they are now tending to get their first smartphones as they enter secondary school. “As a result, this ‘swipe generation’ seamlessly navigates between the digital and real world,” says York. “They expect 360 play, where each platform adds something to the experience.”

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Speaking of games evolving there is no need to wait for many years to come. This August there are new games being released and there is great excitement as gamers wait to see new features that will take gaming to another level.

Games coming out in August


“Brut@l” is kind of like a mix of “Tron” and “Diablo.”

It has a stylish, computerized art style, but you’ll be traveling through dungeon-like environments, fighting dragons and other vicious critters.

It’s also a multiplayer game, so you’ll have to fight with your friends over who gets to play as the Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Amazon.

Release date: August 9


“Bound” sounds like it could be just an ordinary exploration-based platforming game, but what makes it so intriguing is its amazing art style. The main character is a little girl whose every movement is like that of an elegant dancer.


Platforms: PlayStation 4

Release date: August 16

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